Selected WHO Documents on Destruction of Smallpox Virus Stocks

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We feel your pain. In reverse chronological order, this page attempts to pull together as many of the most relevant WHA Resolutions and other WHO records as possible.

At present the relatively numerous (and easier to find) Secretariat's reports are generally omitted, as are the reports of the ACCVR (VAC), which can be found here.

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Advisory Group of Independent Experts to review the smallpox research programme (AGIES)
Comments on the Scientific Review of Variola Virus Research, 1999–2010

Scientific review of variola virus research, 1999–2010 (WHO/HSE/GAR/BDP/2010.3)

WHA Resolution 60.1 (2007)

WHA Resolution 55.15 (2002)

Report by Secretariat A53/27 (2000)

WHA Resolution 52.10 (1999)

WHA Resolution 49.10 (1996)

The Achievement of Global Eradication of Smallpox. Final Report of the Global Commission for the Certification of Smallpox Eradication. (WHO/SE/79.152) (1979)

Report of Meeting of Officials from Laboratories Retaining Variola Virus and National Control Authorities Concerned. (WHO/SE/79.137) (1979)

Laboratories with Variola Virus Stocks (WHO/SME/78.25) (1978) (Document also bears the number Global Commission WP/78.46)

Progress Report on Register of Laboratories Retaining Variola Virus (WHO/S2/180/3) (1977)

WHA Resolutions 29.54 (1976), 30.52 (1977), 31.54 (1978) and related Exective Board records. (Extracted from Annex of WHO/SE/79.152).